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Work With Me

Let's get together and raise your vibration while I answer any

important questions you may have!


Psychic, Medium & Hybrid Sessions

This work is a mission for me. My goal is to help raise my client's awareness to their own highest and best good.

When we work together in whichever session you choose, I tune in to your energy and the energy around you. The amount of information that comes through is amazing!

Animal Communication

Animals have always had my heart. I have worked with horses, dogs, cats and birds. My goal is to help you communicate with your animal whether they are living or in spirit. 


Akashic Records Session

In this type of reading we enter the Akashic Records together. The Akashic Records are records of everything relating to your specific energy and what has, is, and will happen. Everything with energy has their own Akashic Record.


You ask questions about anything in your life, including past lives. This type of session is perfect for plant medicine integration questions, dream interpretation, finding the root of phobia and life blocks, and more! Your Master’s, Teachers and Loved ones respond to your questions. 

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